Friday, April 06, 2012

Spring Break?

We made it through Spring Break, although it didn't turn out at all like we had planned.  I envisioned days at the park, a picnic or two, having a couple friends over to play, decorating for Easter and the like.  The reality was high fevers, lots of medicine and TLC, lots and lots and lots of time spent on the couch watching TV.  You guessed it, Bailey was hit with the influenza (B) bug.

We had yet to get the doctor's ok, so he missed the first day back to school (Thursday) but made it back for the second day.  He is now officailly a third grader.  He has the same teacher as he did in second grade and his closest friends are in the same class, so he is doing well.

Sophie's enterance ceremony for elementary school is on Monday and then she will officailly be a first grader.  We spent some time today going over the school supply list to make sure she has everything.  All we need to do is get her name tag and she will be all set.  Her feelings about starting school change from day to day.  One minute she can't wait to start and the next minute she wants to go back to pre school.  I'm sure she will be fine once she gets settled into the routine.

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Gina said...

Hope Bailey feels better soon. And good luck to Sophie for Monday, Noah will be starting Monday also. : )