Saturday, May 07, 2011

If I Give You The Food. . . .

do you promise to leave me alone? (Yes, I see the knee socks and shorts combo but he loves picking out his own clothes.)

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Gina said...

Good morning Trisha.

What friendly ducks! : ) They sure did like Bailey!

The other day while it was raining, we (the family and I) were driving down this road about 5 minutes away. A duck, was wanting to cross from rice field to the rice field across the street (one lane country road). He wanted to cross in front of our car. We stopped. He duck walked/waddled across the street and quacked while walking. It was the cutest thing. ; )

PS, I didn't even notice the socks until you mentioned it. A lot of kids wear it like that in Japan, so Bailey has good style.... and it does protect their legs if they fall. : )