Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Wonder, Therefore I Am. . . .

*I wonder why my nose always itches every time I wash dishes.

*I wonder if it really is going to snow tonight or tomorrow like the weather forecaster predicts. It was a really nice, warmer day today. I even had to open the screen door for an hour or so because it got stuffy.

*I wonder if I can find heart shaped sprinkles for a little Valentine's Day baking project.

*I wonder what to do to help ease "growing pains".

What do you wonder about?


Gina said...

Trisha, I'm not sure if this info helps you but....2 weeks ago while I was at Cainz. I bought 2 different types of Valentines toppings for the cupcakes I'll be baking. Ones are hearts and colored sorta the size of those sweetheart candies. Do you remember those or know what I mean? They don't say anything on these but they are very cute. And the other ones are sprinkles but with V-day colors. And they were like 100 yen or 120 yen. So very affordable. If you have a Cainz near you they might have some. Good luck with finding something.

As for the snow. You know my husband told me earlier this week. It's going to snow it's going to snow. We all woke up that particular morning and nothing. And then last night, he said again. Tomorrow will be a winter wonderland outside. By now I was like...oh yeah. Are you sure this time. He said I am sure. So this morning...we wake up and look outside and nothing. Poor guy, he was so sure. ; ) It's raining here though. : )

Gina said...

Sorry just wanted to come back and's snowing Trisha. And it's actually sticking to the ground right now. Wondering how it's doing in your neck of the woods. : ) Have a good 3 day weekend my friend. : )

Anonymous said...

The nose thing when washing up?Me too.I reckon it is a slight allergy to certain bramds of washing-up liquid.No idea which ones my nose don't like though!

I also wonder how I will cope with loose teeth with the kids(I hate teeth things) and if spring will ever come this year.