Friday, October 15, 2010

In All The Excitement Of Life

As usual, there has been lots going on around here. Sports day and field trips and getting ready for the annual pre-school bazaar. The weather has cooled off (some days, anyway) and there has been a lot of baking and trying out new recipes. Bailey is getting excited about his upcoming birthday and just yesterday I found Bailey and Sophie circling toys in a magazine that they want for Christmas.

I am thinking of getting a few mini pumpkins for the kids to draw or stick faces on for Halloween. We didn't carve a big one last year, so if I get to Costco anytime soon I will probably pick one up. I always try to have some kind of Halloween themed food too. One year it was ghostly pancakes with mini chocolate chips for eyes and mouth and another year it was a jack o'lantern pizza with olives for the eyes, nose and mouth. What to make this year? Cookies, maybe?

We are still here. Still busy. Still having fun.

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Gina said...

You've been busy, but good happy type busy. ; ) I've been good type busy here too. : ) Why in the heck, am I commenting at 5 something AM on a Sunday? Noah's undokai today and I have karaage on the stove as I type. LOL. Have a great day over there.

I think the sticker pumpkin idea sounds really cute. I think your kids will love it.