Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enough With The Eggs Already!!!!

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. If so, breakfasts around here are of the not so spicy variety. I struggle with finding quick, yummy breakfasts that everybody enjoys. I have tried making pancakes or waffles and freezing them. I have tried muffins- both sweet and savory. I have tried eggs a hundred, thousand different ways. I have tried yogurt and cereal parfaits. I have tired sandwiches and rice balls.

What are your favorite breakfast foods? Believe me, I need all the help I can get!

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Gina said...

I usually eat nothing in the mornings myself, well except a cup of instant coffee or two. Now if it's during the school week. And I think you're probably talking about school weeks with kids here. I struggle with that too because I want them to be filled. My dad always said..."breakfast's the most important meal of the day" @_@ And it sort of stuck, I always want them to leave the house with full tummy's to go to school and learn.

As for what do I make? It's also a time crunch we have too, right? especially you are juggling 2 with 2 schools same as me. Your mornings must be busy, mine are too. Okay Branden eats mostly, eggs (3 mornings a week.) Cheese omelete twice a week and over easy once a week. Sometimes in a sandwich with ham or sometimes along side some rice. And usually a banana and juice. The other 2 times during the week, he'll have some hot oatmeal (cinnamon roll) and some toast and juice. Or cld cereal and a half of grilled cheese (he needs cereal plus something else to be full til lunch) Now Noah....he loves sausage (Jimmy Dean breakfast links) and he eats 2 every morning. He never gets tired of them. He'll have 2 sausages with the omelette, he'll have the 2 sausages with over easy. If he's having hot cereal too, he'll still have the 2 sausages. He's also quite fond of bacon. But bacon usually is something we have on the weekends when we have more time to enjoy. Weekdays are usually so rushrush and with me making obento. My mornings are somewhat nuts.

Now on the weekends, is when we have all the time in the world it seems, time to slowly enjoy breakfast. And I usually make french toast, that's usually my weekend thing. If Noboru makes us breakfast he makes us pancakes. I also sometimes make omelets for everyone and skillet fried potatoes. But usually by the weekend the kids are egged out. ; )

Yeah, the variety just isn't there on a busy weekday is there? And like I said, we are on that time crunch for when the kids HAVE to be at school, so it's rushrush. Get them fed.