Monday, September 06, 2010

A Cooler Area

It has happened. The heat has zapped my desire to do anything even remotely productive. When we first came back at the end of August, a friend encouraged me saying, "If we can just make it through this week, next week will definitely be cooler." Well, darn it, I want my cooler and I want it now!!

This morning, I thought I might somehow beat the heat and get at least a few things done. Hanging out laundry at 7:30 am with sweat running down my face, I knew that today would be another of those energy zapping days. So, I spent a good part of the morning enjoying a nearby coffee shop's air conditioner and a good book.

Just keep cool and lay low. It all has end sooner or later, right?

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Gina said...

It really has been blazing hot Trisha. And if it makes you feel any better, when I brought the laundry in yesterday, I had sweat dripping off my forehead too. : (

I was looking at my posts from last year at this time, and the first day of school picture in September last year I took of Branden, he was actually wearing a long sleeved top and shorts. There's no way in heck he'd be able to wear a long sleeve top today, that's for sure. Though I did watch on TV a few days ago wearing a long sleeve top actually keeps your enegry level up or something like that...anyway am moving off topic, anyway. ; )

Hopefuly the weather starts to cool off for us all soon. Will definitely be looking forward to some cooler weather.