Monday, August 09, 2010

New Hobbies

Mom does quite a bit of sewing and Sophie likes to pretend that she can sew as well. Check out the pin in her mouth and tape measure around her neck.
On the plane, Bailey enjoyed playing solitaire on the inflight games, so now he is learning to play with actually cards. He sometimes "rearranges" the cards, but has really gotten good at it.


Gina said...

I like the pic of Sophie with the tape measure around her neck! Looks like she's really getting ready to get started in on some serious sewing. ; )

And please tell Bailey, I also "rearrange" the cards on solitaire myself. So I hear ya Bailey! : )

The kids have been having a wonderful Summer Trisha! I can see how much fun they have been having. Please continue to have fun and eat all your favorite yummy's while you're there. ; )

Anonymous said...

Trisha - SO CUTE - I assume you are in the states... having a good time!

Are you going to be around Beckley this Sunday? I am contemplating flying in for my 20th reunion, and would love to see you and your Mom while there... IF I can find a flight that's not too expensive...

Do you have a cell number or phone number here in the states?