Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Put The Spray Bottle Down And No One Gets Hurt

I think it all started with the new refrigerator. First, cleaning up the old one inside and out (silly, maybe, but Sophie insisted that cleaning it was a good way of saying good bye). Then re-arranging things to make space for our bigger, better more Eco-friendly refrigerator and I have yet to lose steam. I am on a major cleaning and purging binge. Our kitchen looks so nice right now all cleaned up and shiny and also not having to worry that something is going to fall on your head when you open one of the upper cabinets.

The weather has been crappy lately- either cloudy or raining- and I have been spending more time at home. After I got tired of the Internet and the TV, I started cleaning. Tonight, I even skipped TV in favor of tackling the storage container cabinet. I just wish I could muster the same enthusiasm for the toilet and shower!


Gina said...

The weather has been rather blech lately hasn't it? I don't mind the rain so much. I actually like rain. It's when the sky goes all gray... that's the bummer for me. Wish we'd get some blue skies and some cheery yellow sun shining through. I'm sure it'll happen eventually. Just wishing it would come a little faster is all. And today...gray yet again also, it just started raining around here right after we got out of the movies.

Anyway enjoy your declutter and rearranging. I get in moods like that too sometimes. And congrats again about the fridge. Getting a new major appliance is a pretty big deal and also quite exciting.

Lulu said...

Please send the cleaning bug my way! I cleaned out the fridge the other day but the pantry is still in need of a big clean out!