Thursday, May 13, 2010

Buzy Buzz

Man, there is a lot of stuff going on this week.

Monday was a trip to the dentist for me. My gums were swollen and bleeding so that it hurt to chew on the right side- turns out I have been brushing a little too roughly and left little scratches on my gums that were causing pain. He put some kind of medicine on my gums to help heal the scratches and I have to go back in a week to be re-checked. Then it was my English class at daycare. The weather was bad so the kids hadn't been able to go outside and run off all that extra energy, which made it hard for them to pay attention. Fun times!

On Tuesday Bailey's teacher came for a home visit. After a little bit of a rocky start, it seems that Bailey has found his way and the teacher said he is doing well and getting along better with his classmates. I asked how the learning part of school was going and he replied, "Well, but a lot of Bailey's hiragana have an American feel to them. Same for the pictures that he draws." Still trying to figure out what that one means.

Wednesday, I had a class meeting at preschool for Sophie. Although I absolutely dreaded the self introductions, I put on a smile and just did it. I enjoyed talking to and getting to know some of the new to me moms. I was also happy to find out that I wasn't the only one feeling a little overwhelmed by elementary school. Having one kid in preschool and one in elementary school really keeps me on my toes. It was so much easier when the went to school together.

Today is Bailey's turn at the dentist. He has a brown spot on one of his teeth that the school dentist noticed during a routine school check up. He said some people just naturally have brown spots on their teeth, so we will get an X-ray today to see how deep it is and how to proceed from there. It is a baby tooth and it doesn't seem to be causing him any pain, so I am not that worried. Bailey really is a champ at the dentist. He asks a lot of questions and tries to talk when the doctor's finger is in his mouth, but he has never cried or refused to go. Sophie, on the other hand, claims to hate all dentists and cries at even the mention of going.

Tomorrow is back to the dermatologist for me. The hives are gone, but I am still itchy. He told me to cancel the appointment if the hives cleared up, but I would like to get some more of the anti-itch cream he gave me so I think I will go back.

Man, all I want after a week like this is a warm bath and a good book!


Lulu said...

Very busy week!!

I hate self introductions too in Japanese. I always forget to say something- like in my baby prep class I forgot to say how far along I was and everyone was staring at me afterwards and it took me awhile to figure out why (I wish someone had just asked me how many weeks I was)....

Some people do just have brown spots on their teeth- I have one on my adult tooth that appeared when the tooth grew in. My dentist in Australia seems to think it is because I took a lot of antibiotics when I was little because I had tonsilitis constantly and they always got infected and I had some other sickness that required them too. Everytime I go to a new dentist though they umm and ahh over it and poke at it before claiming "oh it really just is a spot that means nothing"...yeah, thanks for that- like i told you at the beginning! Hopefully it is nothing!

Good thing he doesn`t mind the dentist!

Helen said...

Good luck with your teeth! I had a horrible time with mine this year. It's gotten better since I had one out, but now I need to find a new dentist and get a bridge made.

TongueTwister said...

I can't quite imagine what hiragana look like when they have an American feel to them ... having gone to school in Japan as a kid I can't help but have my hackles raise at this sort of comment.