Saturday, March 20, 2010

Scenes From A Preschool Graduation

Bailey marching into the hall. (You can click on the pictures to make them bigger)
Leading the class in the opening prayer. His teacher is (was) the one in the black jacket and white skirt with her back to the camera. He was so excited to be asked to do this and he pulled it off well.

After the graduation ceremony we headed back to the classrooms for a few words from the teacher and to collect up all of the things that they had to take home with them (school supplies, the graduation certificate, a gift that the younger kids had made for them, the yearbook and more). I like the sumo-ness of this picture in the way that Bailey is crouched down. All hidden dragon, crouching tiger or something.

While the rest of the kids sang, Sophie and her friend stood inside the circle. Her friend is moving away, as are a lot of other kids. Her older brother would have gone to elementary school with Bailey and they were looking forward to walking to school together. (Mom, that is one of the dresses you sent her)

In a total celebratory mood, Bailey demonstrates how to use his in case of earthquake head protection apparatus. The first time he used it in his three years of preschool.

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