Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Beans, Thrown

Last week was Setsubun, so I tried my hand at making rolled sushi. Since I am not a big fan of raw fish, I made ours with a Korean twist. It had seasoned spinach, ground beef, egg roll and carrots. It tasted good and impressed the kids!
This is the lunch that I sent the kids to school with that day. Look at that poor, sad oni (demon) getting pelted with dried soybeans.

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yokohamamama said...

Hi from Amy O in Yokohama (aka: YokohamaMama)! Just found your blog from Bilingual Family, so I thought I'd say hi. I'm also an American mom married to a Japanese guy, 3 kids (2 boys, 3rd and 1st grade, 1 girl, nencho). Let me just say--*very* impressive o-bento!! I never seem to get much beyond tako-san wieners and usage-ringo. *Totally* cute oni!!...Now mentally sending lots of Mommy Kudos your way... Great looking norimaki, too-- mine always come out lumpy, so I gave up:) ...more Mommy Kudos!... Very cute blog--looking forward to reading a blog by someone in the same situation as me. I've only just started blogging myself (spent the early years run off my feet with 3 kids in 4 years).

If it's alright to ask--what's your language situation? home/school language? one parent/one language? other? We're basically op/ol, but since I speak Japanese myself, the kids listen to me in English & respond in Japanese. Lately, though, it's getting harder to get more high-level ideas/concepts across in English, and I find myself having to say things in English, then Japanese, then English (sandwiching!). We try to get home once a year, but I still think they don't get enough English exposure since we moved to Yokohama in 2003 (Tokyo before--had an int'l Mommy/play group for English, but every moved, including us). For some reason, there are so other English speakers around here for us to get together with (portuguese, yes. english, no. rats).

Sorry to be so long--thanks for listening!
Amy O in Yokohama