Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night. . . .

As I type, the most magnificent thunderstorm is going on right outside my window. The thunder was so loud that I gave up on watching TV. Good thing the kids are sound sleepers.

Lots has been going on since the last time that I updated, but I will be darned if I can remember half of it, but I will give it the old college try anyway.

*The kids had their sport's day the first Sunday of this month. It was originally scheduled for the first Saturday but got rained out.

*Our camera is being moody. Sometimes it works and sometimes all you get is a blank, white screen when you turn it on. It makes me a little leery of plugging it up to the computer, so no pictures until we figure out what is going on or I get the courage to plug it in and see what happens.

*The whole apartment building is being "maintenced" and will still be being "maintenced" well into the new year if I read the notice right. Our building is draped in scaffolding and canvas tarps that make it hard to tell if it is morning or night or cloudy or sunny. Because of all the scaffolding they had to take down our satellite so no more Ugly Betty or Grey's Anatomy for a while. I wish that the video store was in walking distance.

*Last Thursday we went to a friend's house so I could help her daughter with some English homework. Monday morning I got an email from that same friend telling me that her daughter had come down with the "New" flu and that I should take the kids to the doctor at the first sign of a fever or cough. So far, so good.

*The cooler weather gets me in the mood for cooking and baking. There has been a lot of good (if I do say so myself), comfort food cooking going on around here. I even tried my hand at from scratch curry last night and for a first attempt I would say I did alright.

*I just recently started wearing my wedding ring again. I stopped wearing it not because of any ill feelings towards my husband, but because I was forever having to stop and take it off to wash dishes or help Sophie get dressed (the ring scratched her face once when I was helping her put her shirt on) so I just went without it. Not that that is so uncommon here. Out of all of my friends and family here I can think of only two people (one male, one female) that actually wear wedding rings. Hubs wears his everyday. I don't think that I have ever seen him take it off. I wear both my wedding band and engagement ring something even rarer here in Japan. So, I wonder, for those of you married and living in Japan, do you wear your wedding and/or engagement rings?

*The storm is starting to let up, so I think I will head off to bed.


Kim said...

I lost my engagement diamond so am SOOO thankful for the "just the wedding band" custom here. However, my wedding band makes my finger itch in the summer, so I wear my "family band" instead. Been thinking it's cool enough to get the wedding band out again.

Anonymous said...

I hope you camera gets unmoody.. and the thunderstorm.. I had enough of storms considering the typhoon that kicked our butt last week?

Gina said...

Wasn't that some crazy rain last night or what. : )

Now about the ring question. My husband wears his band everyday and never ever ever takes his off. I wear my wedding band every single day too. I keep mine on for baths, cooking, whatever. Now my engagement ring, I don't wear everyday. I wear it for when I get together with the yochien ladies though. Or when we go to dinner, those types of situations. So my engagement ring I wear about only about 2-3 times a month. But actual wedding band, every day. : )

Helen said...

Interesting question! My now husband didn't want a wedding band when we got married but I insisted. He never takes his off (except when he had surgery this year-and that's a whole other story!)

I thought I'd wear mine everyday, and I do when I'm out, but when I'm at home I never wear either. I wear both my engagement ring (which I love love love) and my wedding ring (which I don't like).

I picked out my engagement ring and had it customized for me. I don't like diamonds so I had an amethyst put in it instead. Hubby chose my wedding ring when I wasn't around and they don't match.

I do wear them when I'm out of the house though.