Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Don't Wanna Know. . . . .

what the kids are doing the living room, but nobody is fighting or screaming or hitting so I would say all is good.

I just heard Bailey say to Sophie, "I killed it, you can come out now."

Sophie's reply? "Bailey, you are so cool!"

"But, it might have bitten your leg, so you should get a shot."

"I hope we can get an appointment," Sophie sighed.

It is amazing what kids pick up on. Just yesterday I had a conversation with a preschool mom in which we were complaining about not being able to get an appointment for the flu shot (the regular flu, not the "NEW" one) while the kids played hide and go seek around us. Just when you think no one is listening. . . . . Makes me wonder what else they heard??

There were three confirmed cases of influenza (not sure which type) on Monday morning at the preschool, so it was decided that the school would be closed for the rest of the week. Maybe I should have enjoyed Monday a little bit more.

A couple of Moms are of the opinion that we should keep our kids at home and not venture out. I, on the other hand, have taken the kids to the store for groceries and to the convenience store to pay a couple of bills. We aren't painting the town, but we defiantly aren't being hermits. The kids show no signs of being sick (I am still taking their temperatures every morning like the school asked us to do) and while I am avoiding indoor play places, I figure a little fresh air from a walk or a trip to the park can't hurt.

Guess I gotta go figure a snack playing has some how turned into yelling and crying about who gets to give and/or receive the shot.

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