Thursday, September 24, 2009

Whatcha Been Doing?

Wow, I spent the morning recovering from Silver Week (a five day weekend with Respect for the Aged Day and the Autumnal Equinox thrown in for good measure) and I still have no desire to do anything whatsoever. But, the show must go on and so the laundry is done, the dishes are washed, the pizza dough is rising and now to update you all. This picture cracks me up, Sophie reflecting on the awesomeness of nature and Bailey doing some kind of River Dance inspired number.
We visited Anderson park and there were so many fun things to do- both inside and out- origami, a mini train to ride, bicycles built for two or three or four, an athletics course, a super long slide and paper cutting (which the kids are doing here).

Candle making. It was really easy for the kids to do and Sophie even enjoyed it. Basically, they gave you a pre-formed candle and five small sheets of wax that could be shaped at rolled like clay or play-do. Bailey chose a blue candle for his base ans Sophie a pink one. After they were finished decorating them, they were dipped in glittery wax and allowed to dry.

We also went to a blessing for Hub's younger sister's new house.

A few weeks ago was cousin E's field day. The schedule was condensed because of rain and we were able to leave before lunch. We wound up eating the lunch that MIL had made at her house. Bailey and Sophie's field day is going to be on October 3 and I still have to make a crab hat for me to wear and a monkey hat for Hub's to wear to show support and I have to come up with a lunch menu. I usually do the same old, same old karage, taco-san weiner, rice ball, yakisoba and some fruit thing but I wanna do something different this time. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Gina said...

Anderson park is amazing!!! : )

Congrats to your SIL's new house. Very cool.

And good luck on the upcoming undokai. : )