Friday, July 03, 2009

Itty Bitty

This picture was actually taken back when Mom was here. Sophie got her cast taken off a little over a month ago and of course, we had to have cake to celebrate. The doctor suggested that she do physical therapy for a while and she just finally finished up her three time a week visits this week. I think that we are all glad to be done with that! The therapists were really nice and did a good job working with someone as young as Sophie, but we were all getting tired of rushing off to physical therapy right after pre school let out.

Tonight, Bailey will be spending the night at pre school. They are going to make curry together, do lots of fun games, play in the pool if the weather is ok and the teachers are even going to put on a fireworks display. Bailey has been looking forward to this for weeks. On a side note, Bailey has his first loose tooth. if memory serves me right, it also happens to be the first tooth he got as a baby. It is pretty wobbly and he asked me to cut his corn off the cob last night because it hurt to bite down on, so I think it will be out pretty soon. He wants it to stay in until we get to America because he is convinced the tooth fairy can't possibly fly all the way to Japan.
We are going to be heading back to the States on Sunday and staying there for almost two months. I am trying to pack all of our stuff in just one suitcase (ha!) since it will just be me and two tired kids going through baggage claim and immigration before dashing to make our connection. America, here we come!


Kim said...

Have a WONDERFUL trip, Trisha!!!!! Blessings on you and your kids as they travel!!! I did one tired kid and 3 suitcases, and, happily, made it! You might want a duffle bag to bring home your SHOPPING! If you shop while in the US like I do! SMILE!

Sunnidays said...

Hi Stranger,

I can not believe how much the kids have grown. I know, I have been absent for a while. For some reason this morning, I woke up thinking about you and had to find you on here. I truly hope all is well and that you are doing well.


Helen said...

Have a great trip, and I hope you make all your connections.

Will you be updating while you're away?

Anonymous said...

2 months...ii na! Have a great time and congrats,BTW,to Sophie on the castless arm:)

Gina said...

I'm glad to hear she got her cast off! : )

And 2 month's back in the states sounds like a lovely summer for you and the kids!!! : )