Thursday, June 04, 2009

As The German's Do. . . .

A happy Bailey after riding the children's roller coaster at the German Village.
Now, if only my hair always had that much volume.

Taking a spin on the "funny" bikes.

Where in the triangle is Bailey?

Just a swinging.

Feeding the carp, but mostly the ducks got it because they were faster.

Oh my god, it is a duck and it moves and sends Sophie running in the other direction.

The park was full of beautiful flowers- the kids were too busy running all over to notice, though.

Why in the world do kids like these things so much?


Anonymous said...

What fun to be had, what a fabulous park!!!!

Gina said...

That German place is pretty cool Trisha. When we went there it was still winter and it was sorta freezing cold. I think you and your family went at the perfect time!!! And LMAO, yes why do the kids those those big furry stuffed animals looking ride things! My kids love those too, go figure! : ) : )