Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Should I Be Fighting Mad????

The majority of people, when they hear what happened to Sophie and that it happened on the pre-school's watch, have the same reaction. Anger. Shock. The teachers most be grossly irresponsible.

Hold on. Wait. Back up a minute. The same thing could have very easily have happened on my watch. Kids fall, kids have accidents. And that is just what happened to Sophie. An accident. Regardless of where it happens- an accident is an accident.

The same people are even more surprised that I haven't marched down to the school and yelled at the principal and teachers. But, what benefit would that serve? I hold no ill feelings towards the school or the teachers and Sophie can't wait to go back.

If the same thing happened to your child, what would your reaction be? Are they over-reacting? Am I under-reacting? Please, comment away.


Ame said...

i'm with you ... accidents happen ... everywhere. that's why they're called accidents :)

Mel & Seigo said...

I'm guessing it's western rellies that you're speaking of? Things like this show the differences between western and japanese culture. I would have felt exactly the same way as you :) Negligence is never a word that comes into my head when I think of the early childhood system here...quite the opposite. :)

Rachel said...

nah, accidents happen. kids fall down. luckily she's not seriously injured (but that cast looks like no fun!)

Trisha said...

Thanks for all of the comments. Actually it wasn't my relatives back home that gave me so much grief, but the Japanese ones. I think that is what shocked me so much.

Helen said...

Not a parent, so don't know how much my comment means, but I'm with you.

The school assessed the damage, put ice on it and TOLD you about it. They also suggested seeing a doctor asap. They don't know Sophie as well as you do, so I think they really weren't negligent. I would have been more concerned if they hadn't told you and you had to find out from Sophie.

My two yen!