Monday, February 02, 2009

In Order To Bring Order

Good lord, all the stuff bouncing around in my head right now. . . . .

* I am going to start back teaching English at the daycare center from today. I wrote out a rough plan of songs, games and a book and hope it will suffice.

* Today, Sophie turns three and so I took her out for lunch (McDonald's) and I let her choose her birthday present. She chose a book and was super thrilled when I asked the sales clerk to put it in a bag separate from my magazine.

* I need to, have to get started on labeling and making all of the bags that Sophie needs for preschool. She tells everyone we meet that she will be starting preschool in April.

* Since we will be gone in the afternoon, I have already prepped dinner (Mexican meatloaf and roasted Mexican potatoes and carrots) and all I have to do is pop it in the oven.

* Up until now, there has only been Bailey and another little girl who is a year older at the bus stop each morning. Another family moved into our area over the weekend and now there is another little boy at the bus stop. Bailey loves having another boy to run around with while he waits for the bus to come and as a bonus he has a sister about the same age as Sophie.

* I had planned to make a cake this weekend for Sophie, but on Saturday it rained heavily all day and the wind was so strong we just stayed in instead of going to the grocery store to get milk and eggs. So, instead of the cake, I melted down a couple of chocolate bars and poured it over top of some walnuts, stuck a candle in it and called it happy birthday chocolate. Bailey asked me to make one for his sixth birthday, too!


Gina said...

Awww, Happy Birthday Sophie!!! You know, I can't believe Trisha, how big our kids are getting! And I am stunned Sophie will be in yochien in April. Wahhhh they grow so fast! Bittersweet!!!!

Happy Birthday again to Sophie! : )

Gina said...

PS, gosh was that rain just flipping insane this weekend or what? : )

Lulu said...

Sophie is starting kindy- WOW!!!

I love the happy birthday chocolate idea! The kids obviously loved it. I hope Sophie had a lovely birthday.

Kim said...

Hi, Trisha! I mentioned you in my post today, I hope you don't mind! ALso, I have some Toddler's English resources on my book blog under Toddler's English (maybe on my main blog's sidebar too.) The Super Simple Song's CD's have been a lifesaver! Happy Birthday, Sophie!