Friday, January 09, 2009

Wishing, Waiting

As I write this, the kids are standing at the sliding glass door, their noses pressed to the window watching for snow. I think that they are expecting the kind of snow we saw in Niigata at the ski resort. They are going to be dissappointed with the dusting we are expected to get. Bailey has asked about a hundred times if we can go search the stores for a snowball maker like the ones they had at the ski place (You can see them in the pictures above.) They actually sold them at the gift shop, but they cost more than 1000 yen ($10) and as we hardly ever get snow here I couldn't see paying that.
While the kids wait for the snow, I am waiting for the bread maker to work it's magic on the pizza dough that will become dinner. I used some of my secret savings (a combination of leftover birthday money and a little I tucked away from the weekly grocery budget) to buy it and so far we have made a loaf of whole wheat bread, doughnuts and tonight's pizza crust. I would like to use it more, but the kids always complain that it is too noisy. (I keep it on the dining room table because there isn't room in the kitchen.)
Even if it isn't snowing yet it is pretty cold, so I am going to give the kids an early bath, get them all toasty warm in their pj's and let them watch a little TV and then we can "decorate" (Bailey's word) the pizza together. Should be a fun, family night.

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Gina said...

Family pizza night's rock! Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!!! : )