Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Potty Time

A week into potty training and Sophie seems to be getting the hang of it. There was only one accident today but she won't tell me when she has to use the potty, I just have to watch and guess. The next step is wearing big girl panties when we go out. That makes me more than a little nervous. Cleaning up a mess at home is relatively easy, in public, that is another problem entirely. I guess that it is back to the big, bulky diaper bag for a while with several changes of clothes. I had just been carrying a few diapers, a package of wipes and a bib in my purse. I really hope that I can get her pretty much potty trained before we head back to Japan in early June. Naps and night time still require a pull up and probably will for a while. Progress, one step at a time.


Sara said...

ohhh good luck with the potty training!! I've heard that its easier with girls... are you finding that to be the case so far?

Cute pic of Sophie!! The kind that will make her totally embarrassed when you pull them out for a date in 15 years or so!

Gina said...

I've heard the same thing Sarah! And I got 2 boys, sheesh! LOL! : )

I think Sophie looks so cute! : )

Trisha said...

I don't know if it easier training Sophie because she is a girl or because I have more experience than I did when I was training Bailey. Sophie was ready to train earlier than Bailey and she seems to be catching on faster than Bailey did. but, then again, Sophie has always been more mellow and easy going than Bailey- something that could also be because I had experience to draw from with Sophie and was starting from scratch with Bailey.

Good luck with Noah!