Friday, February 29, 2008

Welcome Distractions

I got up from reading my magazine to check the laundry and I came back to this!


Sara said...

Adorable!!!! They are such a cute pair!!!!

By the way!! I received the book! Thank you so much. I'm really looking forward to reading it!

Mr. Stout said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'd be interested to hear what you thought of it. Your blog is beautiful!!
I see that you are in Chiba. I teach 4 days a week at Toyo Gakuen University's Nagareyama campus (JR Musahino Line and Tsuba Express).
(Mr. Stout is what my students call me ;))

LJ said...

That is so adorable!! Isn't it so nice when they are cuddly together like this!
Thanks for stopping by my blog recently and sorry for the late response! We've been in my hometown in New York the past 5 weeks and just recently got back. I wasn't a very good blogger while we we there. But I'll try to update soon as I'm sure I'll be awake at strange hours this week if jet lag is bad : )