Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Fall Day At The Park

Bailey trying his hand at the ropes. He wold get about halfway up and then beg one of us to come over and get him down. We would go get him and he would do the same thing again. I think about five times total.
Sophie giving it a go!
The crowd that gathered to watch and/ or participate in the catching of.....
these slippery, slimy eels. Hubs said that if you caught it, you got to take it home with you. Yikes, glad I didn't enter the competition!!
The lunch that I made. I was pretty proud of it, so I made Hubs snap a pic before we ate. It is all pretty much standard Japanese picnic fare- fried chicken, rice balls, spinach and corn sauteed, German potatoes (potatoes, carrots, onions and bacon sauteed in butter and garlic) and fruit that didn't make it into the picture. Thirty minutes later it was all gone.

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coarse gold girl said...

That catching the eel thing. . . if I caught it I would scream, throw it to the ground and stamp on it voilently. I HATE eels.

They actually taste quite nice, but I can't get over the image of the thing.

That and the T.V. show I watched where they nailed them live to boards and they screamed.

Laura in Akita