Wednesday, July 04, 2007

How Do You Know.....

...when your son is worn out from preschool and really does still need an afternoon nap?
When you go in to check on him before you go to bed and he is about to roll off the bed, so you decide to move him back to the middle of the bed. You pick him up and accidentally knock your rock hard head against his hard rock head. You wince in pain and your son never stops snoring.

...when you really aren't much of a plan ahead kind of person?
When you are waiting for the pre-school bus, another Mom asks how the packing is going since you are leaving next week? Your answer, "Oh my god, we are leaving NEXT week. I thought it was the week after!!"

...when your daughter is really not the good eater you thought she was?
When you find a clean plate but as soon as you pick her up from the highchair you find various veggies and rice stuck to her pants. (So that is where all the food went!)

1 comment:

tAnYeTTa said...

haha....very cute and very funny!

i love it.

p.s. i am a procrastinator packer too! well a procrastinator of all things. i need help! let's go to therapy together :)