Monday, April 09, 2007

Watch Out! There Goes Another Random Shot!!

Hmmm, I just realized I can change the font and so I did. How's that?

The camera is charging and I am just about to iron on the last of the name labels to Bailey's uniform. Tomorrow is the entrance ceremony. Cute pictures to follow.

Three, tiny wobbly steps but steps none the less. Sophie took her first steps today, plopped down on her bottom and laughed hysterically. Oh, the thrill of victory!

And now, after publishing that I realize I must highlight my entire post and then adjust the font. At least that is what methinks.

See that is how you do it. My brain is a little slow today. Maybe it was because I de-mildrewized the shower today and Bailey kept turning off the fan while I was scrubbing.

I have mastered the font change option on Blogger now I can finally sleep!

1 comment:

Ame said...

demildewized the shower - love it :)