Sunday, April 01, 2007

Opening The Windows To Let Out Some Of THe Heat

I understand that you went to the top university in Japan and that your wonder-child started crawling at six months and by nine months was walking. I understand that you make more money than us and that the car you drive is newer and faster.

I hear your endless bragging about this and that, because in your mind you will always be better. I have accepted that that is just the way that you are and that it will probably never change.

Your head is full of knowledge that comes from books. It seems to crowd out the knowledge that comes from thinking about other people and how they feel. You can keep your "book smarts", I will take my "people smarts" over that any day.


"Early Bird" said...

I agree!
I hope you have a good week!

chelle said...

ugh I hate people that are braggers!