Friday, March 09, 2007

Reason Number 2048

Why I love my Japanese teacher:
"Tracy, I might mistake your name once in a while, but I will never make a mistake about the Japanese language."

How I know Bailey is my kid:
"I need something with cheese on it, NOW!!"

Why laundry can wait:
Bailey likes me to be his back up singer and dancer

Why my MIL baffles me:
"Bailey should go to college, but it doesn't really matter for Sophie. She is just going to get married and have babies. It would be a waste of money."

Why I love the Internet:
Getting back in touch with old, good friends from college

Why my SIL cracks me up:
"Oh my god, Trisha, am I really going to be 32 in May? Please, please tell me I am only turning thirty. Hurry, quick!!"


Sunnidays said...

Hi stranger....the blog looks great. How are you doing? Is your email the same? I miss you!!!

ame said...