Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Continues.....

The Christmas cake Bailey and I made together. The sponge cake was store bought, but the frosting was homemade and the berries were arranged (and quiet a few eaten) by Bailey.
Nothing says Christmas like new hats!

On Christmas morning, one last picture before tearing into the presents.
I don't think there is anything worse than being hungry and calling up your local Pizza La, ordering that delicious, tempting new pizza and having them say the wait will be about an hour for delivery.

To make matters whose Hubs is also hungry and so there the two of you are watching the clock. The hands refuse to move. You check the battery. Shake it, but it seems stuck. You turn on the TV to distract yourself and find a cooking show. This is not helping......

So, for your sake and mine, I will give you a few more pictures from Christmas, in hopes that by the time I hit publish the pizza will be here.


chelle said...

I so adore the picture of the kids with the new hats looking at each other! too cute!

Hope the pizza arrived timely and it was yummy!

Ame said...

i love the hats! what beautiful children you have -

how was the pizza?!

Stephanie said...

awww.. aren't they cute.
cousin steph

Tammy said...

I hope you got your pizza!!
I think I would have had some of that cake...hehe!!

Jessica said...

Hope the pizza was delicious!

The pics are adorable!