Sunday, December 31, 2006

Breathing Easy

Bailey's in the bedroom taking a nap.

Sophie fell asleep in the living room while I was attempting to change her diaper.

Hubs is on his way to pick up his grandmother from the nursing home so she can spend new years at her daughter's (MIL's) house.

I just finished cleaning the kitchen and am getting ready to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

On the last day of the year, life seems to have slowed down a little. Our little family is just enjoying relaxing and having fun together. I don't think any of us will make it until midnight tonight. Heck, I personally, don't think I could make it past 10:00. But that just means I will be better rested than all the rest of the folks vying for the best fukubukuro bright and early tomorrow morning. No telling what goodies I might get! Stay tuned......


chelle said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Ame said...

so nice . . . when both children are sleeping at the same time . . . and the house is quiet . . . calm :)

i like that tradition ;) sounds like fun!

Susie said...

Happy New Year Trisha!

local girl said...

Our shopping mall is having fukubukuro. It's pretty cool. You buy a bag at half price but you have no idea what you're getting. It has to be something good since it's all the upscale stores like Prada, Chanel, LV, etc. I may have to go and check it out!