Sunday, November 12, 2006

Three Years Ago Today

Three years ago today, I became a mother.
Three years ago today, I saw your face for the first time and cried with happiness.
Three years ago today, you came into my life and made it better, richer, deeper, more meaningful.
Three years ago today, I feel in love at first sight.
Three years ago today, we began learning together.

Happy Birthday, Bailey Boy.
I love you!


chelle said...

Happy Birthday Baily!!!

Wow 3! How exciting!

Andy & Mandy said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Bailey Boy. We love you. Lots of hugs and kisses!!! Big Guy and Mandy

1girl2boys said...

Very sweet! Happy Birthday!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday dear Bailey!!!
PS...Your Mommy writes some great stuff just for You!!

Tigermama said...

AWWWWW!! :) What a lovely tribute to your boy. I hope he has a very Happy Birthday!!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday Baily!

Hey, waddayaknow, our mom-aversary is just about the same time.

Man, what a difference a kid makes! In a wonderfully glorius way!

Ame said...

nothin' like it, is there :)

Gina said...

Happy birthday Bailey! : )

Jessica said...

Hope Bailey had a great birthday!