Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen Seven

Thirteen Phrases Uttered During Potty Training
1. It can't do it's job if you are playing with it.
2. Even Elmo wears big boy underwear.
3. Mommy, it is a big one and two little ones.
4. Mommy, do you wear big boy underwear, too?
5. I don't know how to do it standing up. Go ask Daddy.
6. Poopy underwear is no fun!
7. Mommy, listen. My butt is so noisy!
8. Toilet paper is not for decorating.
9. Don't pee on Thomas (underwear). He will get a cold.
10. I don't like lion underwear. He might bite my butt.
11. No, no, you can't flush your dirty underwear down the toilet.
12. You are doing the pee pee dance. Let's go to the bathroom.
13. Mommy, I can't do it with you watching. Go away.


Raggedy said...

Great list!
I am in stitches over #9..
My list is up

Kimmy said...

HA!!!! Great list! I love number 1 and 7!!! Too, too funny!
Happy T13! My list's up!

nadnuts aka wideimagination said...

Great list!

I like #12

KrajciMama said...

Wow...I can't wait. I have quite a while until potty training, I hope I remember all the precious, "funny" things that happen!

Happy TT!

nadnuts aka wideimagination said...

Hi again,

Yes, Hello Kitty is a great book. It made me understand the Kawaii culture in Japan and how the Sanrio business is :D

TC said...

LOL! I have been there! I heard many of these at my house. LOL LOL!

~ Stacy ~ said...

#1 - LOL!
#5 - [chuckle] Been there, said that.
#7 - Double LOL!
#8 - Oh no! Yeah, I've been there, too.
#9 - [chuckle] That's clever.
#11 - Don't ya wish you could sometimes, though?
#12 - Is that what that's called?
#13 - Ah ha! Words spoken by a "big kid", wouldn't you say?

Cute idea for a T13 today.

Hope you have a terrific Thursday!

MysteriousLady said...

LOL! That was great!

Happy TT!

Candy Minx said...

Oh that was brilliant, WONDERFUL...

Thaks for a great big laugh this morning!

I really enjoy visiting your blog.

Here is my TT list...

Nancy said...

LOL! I remember those days. I taught my son how to pee sitting down and then Dh showed him how to do it standing up when he got bigger.

Stephanie said...

Ahhh, the joys of potty training conversations. I'm thinking of writing a book with the scripts from training my three boys! Good luck!

Jersey Girl said...

MY son finally had to be told Pooping is a lonely job. LOL You do it ALONE!

Vicky said...

Hey!! We have noisy butts in our house too!!! Great list!!

Chelle Y. said...

Hehehe, don't you just love little boys?

Tammy said...

Loved the potty!
And the pic's of Bailey Boy!!!

Brony said...

Great list.
Thanks for the laugh.