Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen Three

Thirteen Things I learned this week

1. My son considers ketchup a vegetable.

2. Sleeping is over-rated.

3. House noises are louder when you are home alone.

4. Sugared scrambled eggs really aren't bad.

5. Laughter IS the best medicine.

6. Pudding is a delicious fingerpaint, even on walls.

7. It is not really doing laundry unless you pre-treat first.

8. I suck at making paper airplanes and train noises.

9. The best way to get your kid to listen is to stop yelling.

10. Free is only good if you like the free thing in the first place.

11. Garbage doesn't just walk itself down to the curb.

12. I really don't need another bag. (but I bought one anyway)

13. Your kids won't eat it unless they see you eat it too.

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Nathalie said...

Sugared scrambled eggs nice? Hmmm, I'll take your word for it, I don't think I will actualy try it myself :)
I think I will try painting with pudding though. Rice pudding is my favorite, perhaps it will give some nice structure to the walls :D

Happy thursday!

factor 10 said...

But I'll bet there's a great story behind the sugared scrambled eggs!! Fun List!
Happy TT!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

I agree with #3. I get scared when I'm home alone!

Jenny Ryan said...


Sarah said...

re: #3... I once sat through a Category 1 hurricane in an old house alone, and it was pure panic. It sounded like someone was breaking the door down to kill me!

ems said...

Thanks for the chuckle.

Thanks for dropping by! My weekly ramblings...

Ghost said...

Garbage also doesn't find it's way into the garbage can so that it can't walk it's way to the curb. This makes sense if you know my son. ;) Cheers.

Tracy said...

#3 - Totally agree.

My 13 is up! :)

Barbara said...

Tomatoes are considered either fruit or vegetable, so I suppose your child is correct. :)

You are so right with #10, but some will take anything free. :)

Candy Minx said...

I love your lesson that kids won't eat it unless they see you eat it. Nice work.

great to "meet" you and i love the graphics here at your site.

Take care

and here are my TT

Southern Girl said...

Oh, I've always found #1 to be true. ;)

Happy TT!

Renee said...

hummm... my dd won't eat it unless DH eats it too... she knows I eat crazy stuff like... 13 things about my garden

EmilyRoseJewel said...

Sugar makes anything better. I think a lot of kids think ketchup is a veggie and may be the only veggie they see a day sadly. The best way to get a worked up kid to listen is to whisper. Pudding on the walls, fun to clean up! Isn't it great being a mom!

e said...

#3 is sooo true, and our freezer makes the weirdest noises ever; enough to spook me out on more than five occasions. #11 is priceless!

Kelli said...

My friend has three girls, so she tells me #2 all the time!:) Great list! Happy TT!