Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Thirteen II

Thirteen Things about The Contents of my Purse

1. A package of BBQ nugget sauce (never know when you might need to dip something)
2. A book of Thomas stickers (perfect for decorating restaurant tables)
3. Two half used packages of pocket tissues (great for catching little drips)
4. Cracker crumbs (who needs a trash can when you've got Mommy's purse)
5. A happy meal toy (he never even played with it, just directly went in Mommy's purse)
6. Three grocery lists (all lost in the vast expanse of the bag)
7. A handful of rocks (cause he ain't ever met a rock he didn't like)
8. One sock (who knows where the other one is)
9. A crusty handkerchief/ burp cloth (I think that explains the smell)
10. Reciepts, reciepts, reciepts (folded into airplanes of all sizes)
11. An unused date book (explains A LOT)
12. A pacifier (you can never have too many)
13. My old business card (I stopped working about four years ago)

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Laura said...

makes me VERY afraid to look in my purse. LOL
my tt is up.

Goode Girl said...

Thank you for the big giggly grin. I can now go to bed! - aka jgoode

Something's Missing said...

This is why I do not carry a purse -- there were times I could not even remember where stuff came from!

This is a fun list -- I dare you post pics, lol!

My Thursday Thirteen is up!

Happy Thursday!

Momma PiƱata said...

Also makes me scared to look into my purse...I don't even want to know what's living in there!

Southern Girl said...

1. Mmm, I have an unnatural love for BBQ sauce. I totally understand carrying some around in your purse. ;)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

MysteriousLady said...

Ohhh my you don't wanna know what's in my purse. It probably bites now.

Happy TT

Raggedy said...

Great list!
I remember when my purse was like that..hahaha
My TT is up

Katrina said...

Very cute list! I also have a pacifier and several old grocery lists in my purse.

Thanks for visiting my T13!

Stacy said...

Wow, great idea! Mind if I steal this one for a future T13? :) I could so easily come up with 13 things lurking/hiding/lost in my purse, LOL!

Have a wonderful day, mine is up also...

Yoshi said...

I'm kinda glad i don't have a purse. :)

Barbara said...

I don't have kids at home, and I can identify with some of those - BBQ sauce from my grandson's leftovers, the half-empty tissues, old grocery lists, RECEIPTS, not to speak of all the 'pills' you might need for something. :)

My TT is up.

Mommy the Maid said...

The inside of my purse is pretty similar lol.

catherine james said...

Not a mom myself, but that definitely sounds like a Mommy's Purse! My mom once said: "Yeah Cathee, I could never have a decent purse until you reached a certain age; you'd either ruin it with your stickly little hands, or you'd nag me until it became yours." :)

themerryrose said...

cool list - i am now more afraid than ever of having children.
thx for dropping by though.

Andy & Mandy said...

At least you don't have a fanny pack. Sorry Jim they are just not cool.

Leanne said...

BBQ sauce huh? Maybe I should throw a pack of ranch and honey mustard in my purse. You're right, you just never know.


Thanks for the giggle - and thanks for joining in!! Have a great weekend!