Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunshine For The Tired Mom

The beginning of a another week. How can that be? I feel like this whole month has been one long, hard week with no weekend.

Hubs got home around midnight last night. Long after we had all gone to bed. For some reason, Bailey slept until almost 7:00 this morning (usually he is up before six) and I got to enjoy a cup of coffee with Sophie before the house woke up.

I have figured out what was hurting me so. I had jammed my left foot into my right shoe and instead of taking the time to fix it, I just hobbled along trying to ignore the pain.

What I really mean is I have taken my American ideas about family and tried to force them into a totally different culture. They say when in Rome do as the Romans do and here I am in Japan doing as the Americans do.

I have known this for a long time but just hobbled along trying to ignore the pain.

Now it is time to take off that shoe and examine my sore, blistered foot. To learn from this experience and find a way to be comfortable again.

This too, in time, shall pass and our family will be stronger and better because we learned to bend instead of breaking. Without the rain we wouldn't be able to enjoy the sunshine. And whaddaya know, it is shaping up to be a sunshiney day!


Tammy said...

So strange that I am sitting here Sunday night 8:21 pm Eastern Time in America and it is already Monday and you have had your morning cuppa!!
You have a good day Miz Trisha and kiss Bailey and Sophie for me!!

Beck said...

Oh, that gave me a start to see you writing on Monday! I hope that today (or tomorrow) is great for you. Living in Japan sounds like an adventure!

chelle said...

ok I can only imagine the culture shock living in Japan. I am married to a half-Japanese man and sometimes I wonder where he is coming form and they are totally westernized!