Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So Close To Being Angry......

Bailey has been wearing big boy underwear since Saturday.

"No diapers," he said when I tried to put on a clean one, "Bailey not baby."

There have been a few accidents along the way. A reluctance to poop in the potty, a fear of public restrooms but all in all he is doing well. He even refuses to wear a diaper at night, but so far only one night time accident.

When I pushed him before he wasn't ready. Being ready makes a world of difference. (That and forgoing Pull ups. For Bailey they just felt like a diaper and as long as he had his diaper he wasn't going to use the potty.

The first few days, he wandered around the house with only a t-shirt on, the potty in the middle of the living room. This was born more of convenience than anything else. Sometimes I am busy with Sophie and can't do the whole potty dash thing. Whenever he had to go, he just went.

Saturday, I was a little hesitant about going out without a diaper but he didn't have one accident all day!!

He was doing so well. Only one accident on Monday morning while I was in the shower. Then came day care.

I asked the teacher not to use diapers anymore. I told her to take Bailey to the bathroom with the other kids. She agreed even when I asked her not to use them during nap time. I thought it would be ok.

When I went to pick him up, I took it as a good sign that he was still wearing the same clothes.

"We put a diaper on him," the teacher said, "He wouldn't use the potty so we put a diaper on him."

I was puzzled. He was still wearing the same clothes so he didn't have an accident. "What do you mean?"

"We took him to the toilet with the other kids, but he didn't pee. He didn't say anything about needing to pee, so we put a diaper on him."

"Ok," I said, thinking it wasn't a big deal.

Back at home, getting ready for dinner, Bailey comes into the kitchen.

"Bailey need diaper."

"Let's go use the potty."

"No, no, no," he said through tears and while kicking.

"Ok," I said trying to be calm, "Let's just try sitting on the potty."

I read a book to him while he sat there and he relaxed enough to pee.

The battle was repeated at bedtime and I was just about to give in when he relented.

He woke up dry this morning and hasn't had an accident yet.

I think the switching back an forth is confusing him and I am this close to being angry at the teacher. I know there are lots of kids to look after and no one likes cleaning up a mess, but that is her job.

Maybe there was a misunderstanding. Maybe my Japanese wasn't good. Whatever the case, Hubs is gonna call them today and straighten it out.


chelle said...

I would totally be mad!!! All that effort down the drain and causing confusion!! Wow how upset you must be!

Totally rooting for you husband to set things straight!

Pamela said...

I feel this has to be very confusing for Bailey. Everyone needs to be on board cheering and encouraging him on being a big boy. She needs to be set right that this is sending mixed messages to Bailey and you would really appreciate her support...that is awful Trisha.

Brony said...

Stick to your guns here. It's important that the daycare is behind you. You are the parent. You have the control.

Amy said...

Wow. We had the opposite happen with us. I sent him in a diaper and he came home in a Pull-Up. "He needs to do potty time like the others". Worked too! Can you send him in a Pull-Up if there are issues? Going back and forth really causes problems. My boys used to say "I forgot what I was wearing!" No joke! I would too! Good luck.

Overwhelmed! said...

I would at least be a little miffed in your situation. I'm glad to hear that your husband is going to call to try to set things straight. I hope it all works out well!

By the way, thanks for your encouraging comment on my My first attempts at home movie production post. :)