Saturday, August 19, 2006

Quiet On The Set

I have one kid. Yup, it is true. That, other kid- the boy with the spiky hair and more energy than a hundred people is actually. . . . . . . . . staying with Grandma tonight. So that means it is just me and Sophie. And that Sophie, man, she can't stay awake and play cards for nothing. Mumbled something about having to get up early tomorrow and slipped off to dream around 7:30.

So, our house is too clean. No one here to open the toy box and dump it all over the living room floor. No one to track crumbs all over the floor. No one to "help" wash dishes. Our house is too quiet, too. Just the sound of me pecking away and the electronic hum of the computer. No Thomas in the background. No squeals of delight. No pleading for Mommy to get off the computer. Just clean and quiet.

Was this what my life was like before kids? Frankly, I don't remember. Maybe we stayed out a little later and slept in a little (ok, a lot) more, but the as far as I remember the quiet didn't bother me as much.

Maybe I am like Sophie. If the TV is on when she falls asleep -she sleeps like a baby. But try to turn it off and she wakes up immediately; wondering who distrupted her peaceful sleep. So, it is too quiet to sleep and the kitchen too clean for a midnight snack. What else to do, but blog........


Amy said...

I know what you mean! My Mom used to take my boys for a weekend when hubby and worked night shift. We'd get up and the quiet was really disturbing. You love the "break" but it's really strange too!
The biggest thing I notice is how we leave to go out. "Hey! Want to go to . . . ?" "Sure! Let me grab my purse and I'll meet you in the car!" Now it takes planning, TIME, and all sorts of things!

chelle said...

I cannot even imagine!! That peace would be oddly disturbing! I get "bored" when my husband takes boo to the park!

Pamela said...

Wait till the kids leave home and it is so quiet that you jump when you bump into your hubby. hehe

Sounds like bubble bath time to me...enjoy it while it last.