Monday, August 14, 2006

If You Love It, Share It

The other night, I mentiones to my husband that we had had a visit from a Jehovah Witness. She wanted to talk with me about the little magazine that she had brought. Talking about matters of the heart and spirit is difficult in your, own native language so I told her that I was sorry, took the magazine and sent her on her way with a smile.

Hubs was flipping through the magazine and asked, "Why do they want to push something on you?"

Surprised, I answered, " Okay, if you knew where the best restaurant in town, a big, all you can eat buffet, was located and you thought maybe you're friend would like it too, wouldn't you tell them?"

"Yeah," he mumbled between bites of rice and pork.

"If you never told that friend he might never know. He might never have the chance to go and try it for himself, to make up his own mind if he wanted to go there every week or never again. When you find something that is good, you want to share it with those around you. That is what this lady," I said pointing to the magazine that he was holding, "was trying to do. She isn't trying to push anything on you, just letting you know that there are options and this option works for her."

Our conversation then turned to other things and I wondered if he really heard what I said. After dinner as I was washing dishes, I glanced up to find him still setting at the table.... leafing through the magazine.


chelle said...

Interesting way to look at mission work ... What if after your friend recommends a place to eat and you get food poisoning? Still glad he shared? hehe.

Trisha said...

Good question. Shouldn't kill the messenger though!!

Tammy said...

you know I've never thought of it like thought provoking!!!
Trisha~~You are very deep!!!
we don't have JW's very much anymore but we do have very well dressed and mannerly Morman dudes come by...