Friday, August 11, 2006

Forgetfulness: The Sign Of A Tired Mind

I think it would be safe to say that I am officially pooped. Now, Trisha, what would make you say that? Is it the heat? Is it getting up at night with Sophie? Is it getting up with Bailey before six every, single morning? (Doesn't he know weekend are for sleeping in?!?!?) Is it from staying up too late on the computer? Is it Sophie's teething? Is it Bailey's newfound interest in the potty? (He asked to go three times yesterday and although he didn't do anything other than sit there he didn't cry and kick and complain like he used to- guess cause it was his idea this time.)

Whatever the reason my delicate, painstakingly built tower is about to all come crashing down. Witness the scene that played out at breakfast this morning.
"Bailey, eat you cereal."
"That's Mommy cereal."
"Oh yeah, right," I said picking my head up off the table and realizing he had already eaten all of his breakfast AND put the bowl in the sink.

A little later, I stepped out of the shower and peeked into the living room to make sure everything was ok. Bailey was working a puzzle and Sophie was.....?
"Bailey, where's Sophie?"
"She sleeping. She in bedroom."
Exactly, where else would she be? That was where I had left her not even fifteen minutes ago.

Walking into a room and forgetting why I went there in the first place, forgetting to pick up Hubby's shirts from the cleaners, buying a bag of mixed veggies only to find two others exactly like it in the freezer, rediscovering laundry I washed three days ago still in the washing machine.... Yup, I am tired!! Anybody wanna come over and watch the kids while I take a nap? I promise they will be good!!


chelle said...

awwww get some rest woman!!! We all get tired!

1girl2boys said...

That sounds like a typical day for me. Oh how I miss a full night's sleep.

*I was trying to take a more recent one of the kids for my profile pic but they wouldn't cooperate so I thought I would just use one of me for a little while.

Jenny said...

I can sooooo relate to this.

I'm constantly asking hailey "why was mommy going into the living room? did I tell you?"

Tammy said...

oh, trisha, is I could I would cause it sounds like you really need some good rest...go to bed early tonight, we'll be here when you get back!!!

Sunnidays said...

It is called sleep deviation!! You need to sleep. Is hubs home yet??? It does get some point and time they will stay up later than you and you will just go to bed. Well, my thirteen year old at least on the weekends! I sound like a bad mommy! Take care of yourself.