Friday, July 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Summer in Japan
1. Festivals and all the candied apples and chocolate covered bananas that come with it.
2. Fireworks that make the entire crowd ooooo and aaahhhh.
3. Yukatas (summer cotton kimonos) on everyone- young and old, man and woman, the pretty and the not so pretty.
4. That handkerchief everyone carries around for the purpose of sopping up sweat.
5. Prickly heat in places prickly heat should never be.
6. The medicinal smell of mosquito repellant as you toss and turn in the heat, trying to sleep.
7. The jingle jangle of wind chimes that your MIL puts out only in the summer.
8. Sparklers just because.
9. Ghost stories to help cool the blood.
10. All kinds of stamina foods- grilled eel and other treasures.
11. Shaved ice in every color imaginable.
12. Ice cold noodles and salty dipping sauce (somen).
13. Obon (the festival of the dead) and paper lanterns glowing on a silky, black river guiding lost souls
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Happy Mama to Three said...

That sounds amazing. Now I want to spend Summer in Japan.


Lady Jane said...

The fireworks and sparklers sound fun! And the candied applies, chocolate covered bananas, and shaved ice sound great for summer treats!

Thanks for visiting my list!

Buffy said...

I was just talking about chocolate covered bananas today! :) mmmmm.

LaShawn said...

Mosquitos and prickly heat....sounds like Texas.