Saturday, July 22, 2006

Shhhh, Just Wai........ Ah Man, Look What You Did!

Ball flies threw the air
Ping- return it over the net
Sails to the opponent
Returned with skill and grace
Opponent runs, misses the ball

"Hey, Trisha," says the opponent, "You are playing really well today!"
From that point on I missed every single time.

What I should have figured out right then and there is if you brag about it or think that you have it all under control, that is when the bottom drops out and everything falls out. Like that overstuffed box you bring home from Sam's Club, your bologna goes rolling down the street only to become dinner for the stray cats in the alley.

Our bologna is rolling and shows no sign of stopping. This whole week it has either been Bailey waking up five times a night or Sophie's inability to even sleep despite being to tired to do anything but grouch around. You get one of them square away and in the tunnel of a foggy sleep you hear the other one cry out and you think that can't possibly be. Why, just last week I was telling H down the street how Sophie has pretty much slept through the night since she was about a month old, but sorry to hear about your little E up every two hours. That must really be tiring. (Smack in the face, as Sophie tries to play handball with your nose at two in the morning. STILL NOT SLEEPING!)

You had just finished patting yourself on the back, saying, "Good work getting Bailey back in to his own room." when you feel cold feet pressed against your back at two in the morning. (Is our bed really big enough for four people?!?)

Maybe the way to remedy this situation is to set the record straight. I don't need sleep. I can operate on four hours of sleep. It is okay if we all party all night and sleep all day. Grouchiness, whining, crying, temper tantrums all are easier to handle on little or no sleep- for both parties involved. Waking up numb on one side cause you couldn't move dare you crush your sweet offspring is a pleasant way to start the day. These are the facts, plain and simple.

If you see me tonight, roaming the halls, scratching my head and trying to balance Sophie on one hip and Bailey on the other, please utter these words, "Don't go to sleep." Reverse psycholgy, you see, works every time!

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