Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Red Balloon (And A White One, Too!)

Helping Bailey choose a bedtime book.
Bailey insisted that the balloons wait right outside while he took a bath.
On the way home, Mr. and Mrs. Balloon enjoyed a window seat.
Saddened that he would have to leave his new friends behind while he washed off the stench of the day.
Where all the fun with Mr. and Mrs. Balloon began at TGIFridays over a meal of chicken strips and fries washed down with what else but apple juice. (Sorry that the order is all messed up. Too tired to fight tonight.)


Andy & Mandy said...

Dear Lord it's like that crappy red balloon movie. Received your package yesterday, I gave mom a set of the pictures... I guess that's what I was supposed to do.

Trisha said...

You know you cried when you saw that! The way that little boy cried when he lost his balloon, wiping snot all over the arm of his sweatshirt. Ranks right up there with The Little Matchbox Girl!!